Human race in this world is prone to sociological problems due to congenital or traumatic events. However, instead of surrendering to such natural calamities, we try to find solutions to overcome them, or at least, to reduce their intensity. It was with the objective to assuage human pain and suffering that Shashi International was established four years back.

Our Humble Origin
Shashi International was formed in 1999 as an honest attempt to serve the Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation sector by providing good quality material. During the last four years, we have been committed to produce material of international level. In spite of competitive pressures, our resolve to provide the industry with defect-free material has remained un-phased.

Our Success
We started our humble journey with a small initial capital. Today we can proudly claim a growth by almost 400% in just four years. Our superior quality and commitment to the profession have helped us form strong associations with prestigious national and international organizations operating in India.

The secret of our phenomenal success is the fact that we are a group of highly qualified professionals who have served the Orhtopaedic and Rehabilitation industry for more than 30 years. Hence, not only are we aware of the exact requirements of the industry, we are also well versed with the technologies of the trade.

Our Contribution
Being optimists and visionaries, our R&D department is constantly working on new ideas and materials in this field. Our product range currently includes Cotton & Synthetic Stockinette, Dual-Purpose Pressure Hose and AK/BK Cotton Stump Socks. We constantly endeavor to add more high quality products to our existing range.

Our Current Ventures
The eagerness shown in our products by many multi-national companies, operating in India, has not only boosted our confidence, but has encouraged us to explore foreign markets. Our resolve for this year is to tap the foreign markets' needs for superior quality products and their potential to help us grow into a stronger and more dominant force in the Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation industry.

Our Hope
We have worked hard to establish a name for ourselves in the industry. Still, we are aware that we are serving a very small percentage of the total consumption in India today. We are trying to generate awareness about our high quality products among the professionals. This will help them to achieve superior end-products in the selfless services that they are offering to the physically handicapped in India. We hope to reach out to each and every one of them in future, expanding our network to cover the entire nation. Even though we do realize that we have set the bar very high for ourselves, we hope to achieve success through true dedication, sincere efforts and devotion towards our profession.

Future Vision
We envision ourselves as a top organization in the industry serving all big and small units. We see ourselves dedicated to serving mankind by helping disabled men and women to regain their self-esteem and confidence.