Elasticated Bandage, also commonly referred to as "TubiGrip", is a tubular elastic bandage made out of the finest cotton & rubber yarns.

There are cases where Pain(especially in the lower limbs) results from unwarranted internal pressure due to accumulation of body fluid or blood as a result of trauma or rupture of thin blood vessels. Elasticated Stockinette applies uniform pressure over the entire circumferential surface and provides relief to the sufferer.

Circumferentially Elasticated Stockinette is most suited for reduction of Oedema, treatment of Varicose Veins, support of Weak Joints, Sprains, Strains, Skin Grafting and Burns. It has following advantages over conventional pressure devices,

1.      Applies uniform pressure

2.     Can be folded over to increase pressure

3.      Retains freedom of movement of joints

4.      Better for Post Fracture management

5.      Convenient & Comfortable to use

6.      Most suited for management of Burns

7.      Easy to wash and re-use


Sizes Available

It is available in sizes from 50mm to 100mm width.



Elasticated Cotton Stockinette is marketed in packs of  50 Cms. and 1Mt. lengths.